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Drums for Life

Activities for Seniors in Phoenix Arizona Drums for Life

A special program of Drums are Life which enriches the lives of older adults one beat at a time. 
This program will provide:
-Soothing drum sounds and gentle movement so that participan
ts are calm and relaxed.
-A fun, engaging environment so that participants can experience improved moods and less depression
-Drums circles so that participants can increase their social resilience
and decrease their anxiety.


OBAAT program for teens and young adults in Phoenix Arizona


OBAAT (One Beat at a Time) is an evidence-based group program for youth and young adults offered in a series of carefully designed sessions tailored to your group.

Participants in this program will:
-Learn introductory drumming techniques, so that they can become more discipline
-Participate in fun drum circles and ensembles, so that they can develop essential team-building, cooperation, and listening skills
-Drum in a supportive group setting, so that they can feel safe and free to express themselves


Drums for Recovery

Drums for Recovery is a unique service that uses the power of drumming to aid in the recovery process.

-Our experienced facilitators use a variety of techniques to create a safe and supportive environment, allowing participants to explore and express their emotions in a creative and empowering way.
-Through a combination of rhythm, music, and guided meditation, Drums for Recovery helps to promote healing and self-discovery.

Drums for Recovery Mental Health Substance Abuse Addiction programs therapy in Phoenix Arizona AZ
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